Thursday, September 10, 2009

KSelects Favourite Places in NYC

  • The Chrysler Building
You can be in any of the Burroughs in New York and the Chrysler building is visible at night.
  • Carmine’s Restaurant
The best Italian seafood and pasta I’ve been treated to in Manhattan is at Carmine. The Italian cuisines served here are top notch dishes served in class and large portions.
  • Brooklyn Heights
Whenever it is a breezy night, walking your dog, or you’re out for a good run the city’s view is best experienced here at the Brooklyn promonade.
  • Flushing Meadow
The US Open is when Flushing Meadows comes alive with visitors from all over the world to see professional tennis athletes on the acrylic blue courts.
  • Prospect Park
Brooklyn-nites couldn’t agree more that Prospect Park is the best open park space for concerts, bike , ball games, and site seeing.
  • The MoMA
Sometimes I need fresh inspiration from timeless art and design pieces, and the MoMA has just that with its six story concrete and glass structure and design shop to top it all off.
  • Elevated Trains
Despite phone etiquette elevated trains are great for making phone calls while riding NYC Subways. It makes the ride a lot less humdrum if you don’t have a novel handy.
  • SOHO
South of Houston St. is a place of public inspiration. Its where the young busy bodies come to play, do art, and shop.