Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rich Friend, Poor Friend

My idea of fun is always after a hard days work. This includes playing a game of tennis, fencing, working out at the gym or getting a massage. Yeah, on different occasions if I’m feeling social, I’ll attend an art gallery showing, brunch with a friend and what have you, but I will tell you this, there is nothing like living your (day) dreams. If you’re a jet setter and you’re preparing a trip to England, South Hampton, Palm Beach, or Buenos Aires, you know how it feels to get away from the fast-pace life and my oh my does it feel good. If treating yourself to a trip away or a burger and beet salad with goat cheese from Cipriani is your idea of fun, go for it! “The world is your oyster.” Lets not forget when oysters are served best they sit on ice. It’s a cold world and humility is important when you have access to things. How do you get away with going on trips, to restaurants, and having social connections and still gather a set of level headed friends who don’t want to use you for your connections? I have asked a couple of associates how do they deal with friends who aren't as fortunate with funds as they are?

“Its none one's business where I go and what I do, if we’re just friends, there’s no need for them to know everything. Saying too much can get you in trouble.” _Craig D. (Financial Officer)

“Some people get an idea of your social status when you haven’t necessarily told them your net worth, although they do figure things out, but what kind of friend is that?” _Vincent D. (Chocolate Delectables Heir)

“Friends can be competitive sometimes whether they have money or not, what can you do? You can either be secretive about it or just let people get use to it, You don’t want to be a “trustafarian” your entire life.” _Casey J. (Creative Director)

“If you’re around mature people and you know yourself well enough to know the kind of friends you deserve, you should be honest with them. You don’t tell them your personal business. Always be ready to walk away if they mistreat and use you.” _Jesse B. (Chairman of a Franchise Company)

“Only befriend people of your status, but what good is that when you can learn so much from the different types of company you keep?” _Jeffrey L. ( Heir)