Thursday, August 13, 2009


Etiquette is one of the most important and influential features an individual can have for their self. It allows others to appreciate your exterior and remember you in a delightful manner that portrays you as someone of good company, character, business, and class.

Gracefulness to both ladies and gentlemen is a lasting impression. Its not always necessarily who you know in an industry that draws people to you but it is obvious that you must start somewhere, and that is by being a poised person. Graceful individuals usually have a high tolerance on many levels and are appreciated. Composure is key.

Openness is great when meeting new people. Everyone wants to be treated like an important figure, and to do so is to treat them with the utmost respect by not interrupting them when they are speaking, and making eye contact at all times. Openness is also allowing the other person to speak. Listening is more polite than stating your opinion and everything around you. We fall aware of many of these rules, perhaps our egos prevent us from following proper, yet simple etiquette.